Sensor Cleaning

For DSLR and Hybrid Camera Bodies

Sooner or later, owners of interchangeable lens cameras will have to deal with dust showing up on their sensor.

How does the sensor get dirty?

  • While changing the lens.
  • From moisture in the ambient air.
  • From the mirror mechanism lubricant.
  • From dust particles getting into the mirror box and being scattered around when the camera moves.

What sort of particles end up on the sensor?

Mainly dry particles (dust, impurities, fibres) but also greasy or moist particles due to condensation.
Our sensor cleaning service will remove as much of these as possible.

How can you tell there is dust on the sensor?

Simply take a picture of a light and uniform surface (a white sheet of paper or the sky when it is not cloudy for instance.)
Set your camera on Aperture priority, on the lowest possible aperture for the lens you are using (for example, f/22), at the lowest ISO sensitivity.
Set the camera or lens on manual focus, at the maximum focal length, and then focus to infinity. Take a picture; any dust on the sensor should be visible when you zoom in on the image.

Sensor needing to be cleaned

Of course, no one wants a sensor covered in dirt. But we do not recommend you try and clean the sensor yourself. Bring your camera to your Gosselin specialists with a fully charged battery and we will professionally clean for you.


Sensor cleaning service
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