Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

Want to freshen up old photos or improve certain aspects of a photo you treasure? We can help! We do more than restoring photos: we give families their precious memories back.

A World of Possibilities

Our photo restoration and retouching services include:
  • Restoring old or damaged photos
  • Hiding defects like fold marks, scratches, dust, stains and more
  • Improving exposure or contrast
  • Correcting backlighting or flash
  • Adjusting the colours of an entire photo or a subject
  • Deleting unwanted items in a photo (person, object, etc.)
  • Modifying a group photo (adding or removing someone)
  • Retouching a portrait (lightening or removing under-eye circles, wrinkles, pimples and more)
  • Changing a background

Type of Works

Light Work

A Few Things to Remember

  • Prices vary according to the degree of difficulty.
  • The retouched photos are archived on a DVD for you.
  • Prints of the retouched photos are not included in the price.
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