Decorate Your Fridge!

Magnetized photos are a great way to keep your memories where you can see them!

Round Magnet (2.5 in.) - Sublimation
Square Magnet (2.25 in.) - Sublimation
Magnetized Photo - 4x6
Magnetized Photo - 5x7

For Every Taste

Whether you prefer a cute little round or square magnet or a more standard format, we cater to all tastes.

Thanks to Gosselin’s sublimation technique, the colours in your photos come alive on our magnets. The white lacquer finish makes your subject stand out, drawing your eye every time you pass through the kitchen.

For our 4 x 6 in. and 5 x 7 in. formats, we add a magnetized backing to your photos printed on regular paper, while creating a softer, natural look.

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